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Welcome to Florida Global Consultants. We are a full-service accounting and consulting company in Miami Lakes, Florida, USA. At Florida Global, we recognize that every business and individual has unique needs and goals and our personalized approach ensures you get the services you need.
Gissell Caamano and Shandelle Stewart

Our founders, Gissell Caamano and Shandelle Stewart specialize in personal and corporate accounting services and business consulting. They have over 15 years of combined experience in taxation, accounting, and finance.

One of our key differentiators is that we provide multiple services to suit your unique needs. Besides individual and corporate tax return services, we offer customized bookkeeping and financial services, immigration consulting, as well as residential and commercial real estate services.

Gissell is also a licensed realtor and certified immigration consultant while Shandelle holds a degree in Business Management, Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Management with a concentration on fraud accounting and two Masters degrees in Business Management and Finance.

At Florida Global Consultants, we are committed to our clients and their needs. We are a fun and energetic company that provides income tax consultancy services, immigration, and real estate expertise in the Miami area. If you would like to get more information, or to book a consultation, call us at (786) 456-5140 or email [email protected].

Our Team


Gissell Caamano

Accountant & Business Consultant


Shandelle Stewart

Accountant & Business Consultant



We are committed to developing strong lasting relationships through commitment, communication and honesty.


We’ve dealt with a variety of accounting clients. Whatever financial situation you’re in, we have you covered.


We believe in the work we do because it helps people and businesses become financially empowered.


We’re committed to following the ethical and legal guidelines that will protect you during an audit.


We’re not here to waste time. We’ll ensure your accounting is done quickly and painlessly.

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If you want to find out more about what we offer to our clients, make sure to call us at (786) 456-5140 or contact us online.