The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were felt by everyone, and both businesses and individuals suffered financially to some extent. Everyone’s experience has been different but many people are struggling as a result of this pandemic. Due to the uncertainty of the economy, many Americans lost their jobs, and a lot of people had difficulty finding employment. If either of these situations applies to you, there are relief programs and packages that may be available, so it’s important to understand what is being offered to determine whether or not you qualify.

If you haven’t reached out for help, you are not alone because many people are unaware of COVID-19-related assistance. Now is a great time to apply, and in addition to stimulus checks, there are other types of relief measures that you may be eligible to receive, including the following:

Paid Leave

If you cannot work because you need to quarantine or have COVID-19 symptoms and are trying to get a diagnosis, you may be able to get two weeks of paid leave if you apply for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Qualified workers will receive full pay, and this relief measure would also apply to those caring for a child because their school or daycare closed due to the pandemic.

Assistance With Utility Bills

Most utility companies are offering some form of relief to their customers, so you may be able to have some fees waived, and late payments will not come with a penalty. Contact your utility company to see if there is anything they can do to help with your account during these difficult times.

Help With Rent

Many States have put a stop order on evictions because this pandemic has made it very difficult to pay rent. A lot of Americans are struggling financially, so some cities have set up an eviction ban for a certain period of time to help renters who cannot pay.


It may be possible to enroll in an insurance program if you lost your job and require health care. Many States are allowing uninsured people to enroll for health insurance through their state exchanges until a certain date, so find out if you qualify for this form of relief.

Tax Postponement

You may be able to get an extension on your filing date and payment deadline, which will provide you with more time to complete your paperwork and come up with the funds to pay any taxes you owe. Not every state is allowing this, so it’s important to check with your accountants to see if you qualify.

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