Real estate agents have licensed professionals who act as intermediaries to sell and buy a commercial or residential property. Most people believe that the only role of a real estate agent is to help them find the property. It is their primary responsibility. However, their role doesn’t stop there. A professional real estate agent ensures that the sales or purchase is authentic and everything goes smoothly until the keys are handed over. 

Here is a low down on things that a commercial & residential real estate consultant can do for you:

What services do real estate agents provide to sellers?

If you are a seller, you can benefit in the following ways from the services of a real estate agent:

Price your property correctly

When selling a property, the most challenging job is to set the price right. A price that is too low prices will translate into losses for you, and too-high prices mean your property will have a hard time finding a buyer. A real estate agent uses his knowledge to accurately judge your property at a well-reasoned market value. 

Market your property

Reputed real estate agents have wide networks which allow them to market your property to a larger audience. They also have a knack for identifying the USP of the property and presenting it to prospective buyers in the best manner possible. They also know from experience what buyer preferences and use that knowledge to market your property to the right people.

What can real estate agents do for buyers?

Buying a home is a dream goal for many people. A professional real estate agent can help you fulfill that goal in the following ways.

Get pre-approvals for loan

Funding is often an issue in any property transaction. Most buyers rely on financing options to pay their dues. However, it is difficult to get approval from financial institutions and lenders without a solid credit background. A real estate agent can help you get in touch with suitable lenders.

Find your dream home

As a homeowner, you may have several specific requirements for your dream home, and it may take you endless online searching to find the right fit. A real estate agent will ask you for prerequisites and come up with several options that fit your requirements. 

Handle negotiations

Negotiations are the key to finding the best deal within your budget. However, independent buyers often lack the skills to effectively navigate the murky waters of the real estate market. A professional real estate agent is trained to handle such situations and get you the best value for your money.

Take care of the home inspection 

A professional real estate agent will help you find the right home inspector. He/she will also accompany them to the property to ensure everything goes smoothly. They also take care of any repairs, which sometimes involves negotiating with the buyer. 

Close all loose ends

Once every legal formality is taken care of, a real estate agent will conduct a thorough follow-up to ensure everything is in place. They will check whether your finances are in order, all repairs and inspections are complete, and the contracts have no loopholes to ensure that the purchase gets satisfactorily completed.

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